How does SUPRACOR work?

The SUPRACOR procedure is based upon the well known, commonly used LASIK laser eye treatment for vision correction. The SUPRACOR laser procedure is quick, safe, and effective*.

The procedure can treat a wide range of presbyopic patients, and may also be suitable for patients who have previously undergone a LASIK procedure. The procedure provides excellent distance, intermediate and near vision, whilst maintaining a high quality of vision.

The SUPRACOR procedure is performed using a high-tech laser system called the TECHNOLAS Excimer Workstation which is made by a German company called Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH. This excimer laser is used to precisely reshape the cornea to restore near vision and simultaneously treat hyperopia or myopia, if necessary.

The treatment involves first creating a thin flap on the surface of the eye with either a femtosecond laser or a microkeratome. This upper layer or flap is then moved to one side to allow the surgeon access to the cornea. Then the surgeon uses the excimer laser to accurately reshape the cornea and treat the presbyopia.

For optimum safety, the excimer laser uses the state-of-the-art Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACE) technology. Using iris recognition technology, this dynamic tracker continually tracks eye movements, rotation and pupil shift and simultanteously adjusts the laser beam to ensure the laser is accurately delivered during the entire procedure.

 At the end of the procedure, the surgeon repositions the flap to its original position. This allows the eye to naturally heal.
The whole procedure takes only a few minutes.

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